The aching scar of not knowing where our loved ones are buried can only start to heal when those responsible choose to share information. 

Surely it is the least that we can hope for?

Professor Dame Sue Black, Forensic Anthropologist

My support for a “no body, no parole” law otherwise known as Helen’s Law came about having met and corresponded with my constituent Linda Jones – mother of 15 year old Danielle Jones who was murdered in June 2001. I was moved by her story and the obvious pain she and her family still have to endure on a daily basis.

Without the small comfort of finally being able to lay Danielle to rest they live the daily nightmare of not being able to fully come to terms with the grief.

Concealing the location of body following a murder is a despicable and disgusting act. That act should be recognized in law; used to delay parole indefinitely and, will hopefully, make other would be murderers think twice about the consequences of concealment or how they treat the body of their victim.

I am encouraged by the response from the Minister and hope to soon see Helen’s Law enacted.

Stephen Metcalfe

Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock

“It is the last repugnant act a murderer can enact on the victim’s family:” 

Dr Keri Nixon, forensic psychologist